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Our Customers


Residential, Commercial and Governmental

Over the years, Tree Sculptors has served a number of various clients. Delivering high-quality tree care services, our team conducts diagnosis of the tree in question and proposes the most appropriate solutions. Depending on the specifications and needs of the customers, we adapt our tree services for optimal and cost-efficient output.

Residential Customers

Being the majority of the customers we serve, residential clients provide an array of different challenges when it comes to urban landscaping. We receive from them valuable feedback regarding the work we accomplish. Forming a close partnership with our residential customers gives way to a more rewarding fulfillment of our role as stewards. Handling their trees and shrubs, we also impart to them useful information and tips in dealing with the continuing safety and health of their plants, in their own microenvironments.

Commercial Customers

With their public-oriented mindset, commercial customers have tree requirements that often go beyond the needs of a residential owner-renter. Owning or managing property, commercial customers may have different needs and qualifications for their tree and shrub needs. Our goal then is to help them achieve what they have envisioned as far as landscaping is concerned. We provide different large-scale approaches and information regarding tree care to enhance the value of the property and business.

Governmental Customers

Government entities are often faced with stringent legal, regulatory and budget constraints when working with us. As we both prioritize health, safety and appearance of trees and shrubs, we work hand-in-hand to come up with solutions that allow these government agencies to maximize the available limited financial resources. This kind of job can be challenging, but it allows us to develop cost-effective procedures and practices, enabling us to acquire valuable and useful knowledge.

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